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Patti and Christina strongly believe that full transparency is necessary to ensure trust and cooperation between our leaders and our community. For too long, the current committee members have not taken the input of Warren residents into consideration when making important decisions about the future of our town. The agendas for monthly meetings have failed to adequately explain the impact of the motions being voted on, and committee members have refused efforts to educate the public on key issues, such as affordable housing plans and PILOT deals that have benefited developers over ordinary residents. Often, committee members approve the annual budget making only the summary budget available to residents in advance without releasing any details or the user-friendly budget, making the open meeting provision, review and questions a virtual moot point.

These failures have made it more difficult for residents to get involved in the decisions that affect the lives of  their families and their neighbors. 


Patti and Christina believe that the members of our township committee should work for the residents, and will make every effort to maximize resident input in the decision-making process. They will encourage open dialogue during committee meetings, so that every resident has the opportunity to have their voice heard on issues that are important to them. They will also propose that every resolution and ordinance voted upon will have a clear explanation available to the public, both in the agenda and on the township website prior to the meeting when the ordinance is voted upon. Further, they will work to provide access to all township committee, planning and zoning meetings via Zoom. 

Christina and Patti support:

  • Reinstatement of Zoom access and recording of all township committee, planning and zoning board meetings

  • Clear explanations for all ordinances and resolutions voted on in Township committee meetings   

  • Citizen participation in planning, by using email blasts to inform citizens of upcoming meetings and key agenda items

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