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"Local elections are about local issues, not whatever might be happening on the national scene. I don’t believe divisiveness is the answer. I think residents of Warren are ready to see us come together, find solutions and ways to move forward that engage all citizens. I’m excited to have the opportunity to bring a new style of responsive, respectful leadership to the community.”- Patti

"It is the obligation of the Township Committee to be servant leaders, not oracles who make decisions without full transparency and accountability. Every vote I make will be informed by what is in the best interests of the community.” - Christina


Christina and Patti support:

  • Reinstatement of Zoom access and recording of all township committee, planning and zoning board meetings

  • Clear explanations for all ordinances and resolutions voted on in Township committee meetings   

  • Citizen participation in planning, by using email blasts to inform citizens of upcoming meetings and key agenda items

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Fiscal Responsibility
Christina and Patti support:
  • Strict limits on the practice of giving PILOT abatements to developers (Payment in Lieu of Taxes)

  •  Review and awarding of  municipal contracts so that residents are receiving maximum value for their tax dollars

  • Audits of all existing AHA and PILOT programs to verify that the Township is receiving all appropriate fees and payments

  • Assuring that all federal funding (ie. ARP) has been secured, allocated or spent. Committing a portion of the $1.6 million ARP grant awarded to the township to upgrade sewer and drainage, to prevent flooding associated with more severe weather events, and protect residents’ property values

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Christina and Patti support:

  • A ballot initiative to provide for direct election of the mayor

  • Hosting regular “meet with your committee person” gatherings

  • Instructional sessions for residents to learn about how local government, individual departments, affordable housing, PILOTs, tax policy, and the annual budget work

  • Providing access to information to residents in advance of meetings to educate on the issues under consideration to enable informed participation

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Planning & Sustainability

Christina and Patti support:

  • Updating of the town Master Plan to maximize preservation of open spaces, historic buildings, and the rural nature of Warren Township.

  • Adopting a green building code, which would require all new buildings and any major refurbishment to have improved insulation, more efficient lighting, solar, and smart thermostats.

  • Ensuring all emergency services (ie. fire, rescue squad) and infrastructure are adequate to serve new development and existing residents 

  •  Creation of more electric vehicle charging stations and solar panel installations

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