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Planning and Sustainabilty

Residents in all areas of town are concerned with over-development. While large housing units are being built on previously rural neighborhoods, our downtown shopping district stagnates, with a large, vacant store (previously King’s supermarket) in the center of town. The township committee has not been proactive in planning for development, and seems to lack any vision for how the town could, or should look in five, ten, or twenty years from now.

Patti and Christina believe that we must engage in a comprehensive reworking of our master planning document, with an emphasis on preserving our rural character, creating more community-oriented public spaces, and effectively managing our affordable housing obligations. They feel that we should accomplish all of these goals with an emphasis on environmentally sustainable building practices, which emphasize clean energy and “green” building standards.


Christina and Patti support:

  • Updating of the town Master Plan to maximize preservation of open spaces, historic buildings, and the rural nature of Warren Township.

  • Adopting a green building code, which would require all new buildings and any major refurbishment to have improved insulation, more efficient lighting, solar, and smart thermostats.

  • Ensuring all emergency services (ie. fire, rescue squad) and infrastructure are adequate to serve new development and existing residents 

  •  Creation of more electric vehicle charging stations and solar panel installations

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