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Fiscal Responsibility

The current committee members tout their success as financial managers, but recent developments call those claims into question. In a 2022 meeting, the committee voted to reject a proposal they had previously supported, that would have allowed a developer to convert the vacant Chubb property on Mountainview Road into a distribution warehouse. The reversal has resulted in a lawsuit from the would-be developer, who clearly was under the impression that the proposals would be advanced with no debate or objection. Additionally, in 2022 it was confirmed that the township had undercharged several developers for affordable housing fees. These fees are for affordable housing planning charges, rehab initiatives and other related ongoing costs. Several members of the Township Committee refused to conduct an audit to determine how much money was outstanding to the township and one member stated that the committee might not pursue collection.  These fees were pursued by the Township attorney only after multiple requests were made by attendees at Township Committee meetings.


Warren residents deserve better than this. As a successful professionals, Patti and Christina are experienced in managing budgets and maximizing value. They will be diligent stewards of your tax dollars, ensuring that developers pay their fair share. Our committee has approved several PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) agreements in recent years. These abatements allow developers to avoid paying into our school tax base, shifting those burdens to residents. Patti and Christina propose the employment of PILOT tax deals ONLY where the conditions for PILOTs apply, as intended by NJ statute for areas in need of redevelopment and where a detailed cost-benefit analysis has been performed. Developers should not be enriched at the expense of taxpayers. 


In addition, Patti and Christina promise to closely review all township contracts to secure competitive bids. They believe the bidding process should be more transparent to the general public.

Christina and Patti support:

  • Strict limits on the practice of giving PILOT abatements to developers (Payment in Lieu of Taxes)

  •  Review and awarding of  municipal contracts so that residents are receiving maximum value for their tax dollars

  • Audits of all existing AHA and PILOT programs to verify that the Township is receiving all appropriate fees and payments

  • Assuring that all federal funding (ie. ARP) has been secured, allocated or spent. Committing a portion of the $1.6 million ARP grant awarded to the township to upgrade sewer and drainage, to prevent flooding associated with more severe weather events, and protect residents’ property values

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