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Patti and Christina firmly believe that accountability is critical to a fair and functional decision-making process. Our current committee members, some having served for decades, have become entrenched and unaccountable, facing almost no scrutiny from their fellow members when making key decisions. The current structure of our committee also diffuses accountability, as the roles of mayor and deputy mayor are regularly reassigned at the will of the committee rather than elected by residents. Our leaders have insulated themselves from the public, resulting in decisions that have benefited donors and developers over ordinary residents. 


Patti and Christina believe that our committee needs new voices that will ensure it remains accountable to our residents. Patti and Christina support a ballot initiative to have the mayor elected directly by voters, so Warren residents can decide for themselves the kind of leader they want to represent them. Patti and Christina will also hold town halls so that residents can engage directly with their individual committee members, and provide perspectives on what issues impact them most. Further, Patti and Christina will require the full disclosure of all donors who do business or receive contracts from our municipality or where there may be a conflict of interest, so that every dollar of Warren residents’ taxes is accounted for.


Christina and Patti support:

  • A ballot initiative to provide for direct election of the mayor

  • Hosting regular “meet with your committeeperson” gatherings

  • Instructional sessions for residents to learn about how local government, individual departments, affordable housing, PILOTs, tax policy, and the annual budget work

  • Providing access to information to residents in advance of meetings to educate on the issues under consideration to enable informed participation

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